Monitoring malfunctions dashboard

As practice shows, it is not enough for customers to see their objects and their movements on the map.

It is much more important to have up-to-date information about the status of each car in your fleet: whether it is currently available for tracking, whether the ignition is on, what the fuel level, is the car moving or standing, how long ago the GPS-coordinates were last sent, etc.

Understanding the need for such reports, Geoservice engineers have developed a comprehensive dashboard, which has the ability to view the status of all fleet facilities in real time.


Available object parameters:

  • Availability of the object at the current time,
  • GSM signal level,
  • Number of visible satellites,
  • CAN bus status,
  • Relevance of the sent coordinates,
  • Fuel level,
  • Is the car open or close,
  • Object movement speed,
  • Battery charge level.

All operational information is displayed with colored icons directly next to the objects of observation.

If necessary, the functionality of the dashboard panel can be easily modified by displaying relevant for the customer information.

It is possible to see all objects or only objects with errors.

The panel interface is available in Russian and English.

Example 1

The customer is a large logging company, one of the leaders of the pulp and paper industry and woodworking.

A distinctive feature of this customer is a diverse fleet, different models of vehicles, a wide variety of types of monitoring objects:

  • Fuel tanks,
  • Excavators,
  • Bulldozers,
  • Motor graders,
  • Loaders,
  • Sorting trucks,
  • Dump trucks,
  • Diesel locomotives,
  • Forwarders,
  • Harvesters,
  • Passenger off-road vehicles

Example 2

The customer is a passenger transportation company (taxi).

The dispatcher receives real-time information about all the cars in the fleet. There is an opportunity to see if the car is open or close, it is standing or moving. Another feature — ability to assess the relevance of incoming data, how long ago the last messages from the navigation device were received.