Pressure Pro — the tire pressure monitoring system

Why it is important to monitor the tires condition?

As practice shows, the tire budget is the third largest item of expenditure of any vehicle company. Reducing the cost of buying new tires leads to an increase in the company’s profit.

Most often, tires do not work out their life due to incorrect usage, which leads to rapid wear, increased fuel consumption and increases the probability of accidents.

What is the incorrect tire pressure of freight transport can lead to?

If the pressure level is not optimal, the contact area of the tire with the road decreases, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.


Excessive tire pressure can affect:

  • Increased wear of the suspension and tread in its central part;
  • Lowering the damping function of the tire. Also, when driving, there is a «bouncing» and stiffness;
  • Increasing the probability of tire damage when hitting an obstacle or pit;
  • Reduced handling due to reduced clutch area. Especially the clutch decreases in winter, so over-inflated tires increase the probability of an accident.

Insufficient tire pressure can lead to:

  • Serious deformation of the tire, which can cause it to destruction during driving;
  • An increase in air temperature, and as a result of the stratification of the tire base — the «explosion» of the tire;
  • Increased wear of the protector shoulder areas;
  • Disassembling the tire at the entrance to the turn;
  • An increase in fuel consumption, and as a result, large financial costs;
  • A 20% drop in tire air pressure reduces the operating period of the tire by 25-30% and increases fuel costs by 3-5%.

Another important indicator that directly affects driving safety is the temperature inside the tire. Timely fixation of the critical temperature in one of the wheel at the same tire pressure allows you to diagnose malfunctions of the running units, assemblies and the braking system.

Modern experience of tire condition monitoring

In modern trucks, temperature and tire pressure monitoring is carried out by internal or external sensors built into the wheels connected to the on-board computer.

The tire pressure and temperature monitoring system PresurePro of the Pulse generation from the American company Advantage is perhaps the best pressure monitoring system in the world today, which has proven itself well on the Russian roads.

The PressurePro system is optimal in terms of price and quality, easy to install and use. A monitor is installed in the driver’s cab, which displays real-time information about each wheel on which the sensor is installed. In addition, when connected to a remote vehicle monitoring system, all information from sensors is transmitted via telemetry to the monitoring system and can be accessed by the dispatcher both in real time and in the form of reports..

What we offer?

Company Geoservice has integrated tire pressure and temperature sensor values into the WialonHosting transport monitoring system. Tire condition data is displayed online as a pop-up window to the object, as well as statistics on the condition of each wheel on which the sensor is installed are available as a graph when executing the report.

However, analytics in this form is not very convenient and is applicable to each car separately. Therefore, the company’s specialists have developed a convenient service for monitoring and analyzing the condition of tires within the fleet.

The interface of the TyresAdmin service consists of three tabs. The «Monitoring» tab is an online tire status screen with a graphical display on each axis of the car. The color indication of the list allows you to easily identify problematic cars. You can also sort the transport list by sensor status.

The «Analytics» tab allows you to get detailed information about the state of temperature and pressure of each wheel on which the sensor is mounted. The specified criteria allow you to highlight the wheel status bars in different colors. Wheels whose values are outside the acceptable limits are highlighted in red. Minor deviations — are yellow, and wheels whose condition is acceptable — are green. According to the wheel formulas, it is possible to obtain data on wheel sparks as a percentage relative to each other.

The dashboard consists of two pie charts. The first diagram shows the condition of the wheels throughout the fleet as a percentage, the second shows the state of serviceability of the installed sensors of the fleet.

Achieved indicators

The integrated solution was used on the quarry equipment of one of the mining companies. After six months of our system operation, the following efficiency was achieved:

  • The resource of each tire has increased to 40%.
  • Average fuel consumption has been reduced to 10 %
  • The maintainability indicators of damaged tires have increased.

Thus, it can be argued that the tire pressure and temperature monitoring system PressurePro reduces the operating costs of tires and their maintenance by up to 45%.