Construction machinery control

Diggers, hoisting cranes, or other machinery

Majority of modern monitoring systems may solve almost all objectives,  faced by owners  of  fleet parks …. however a more strategic monitoring approach  is required for some areas.  We have such an approach

How to control construction machinery indeed?

     Construction and special machineries are specifically featured: operating modes stay in highly varying degrees, ultra-high fuel consumption (in comparison with cargo transportations), extra mechanical loads.

     Many present systems fail to ensure accuracy in measured parameters and to reflect them adequately. WIALON has a specially developed software for this peculiar machinery fleet park to meet its requirements by maximum.

     It enables remote vehicle control in terms of operating modes, performance rates and others. Fuel consumption is recorded in relation to each operational mode to analyze and estimate utilization efficiency.


    • The whole fleet park is monitored in real time
    • Liveness analysis
    • Graphical analyses
    • Fuel consumption at  each  operational mode
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