Fuel consumption control

A set of sensors connected to both a fuel system and vehicle electronics. It ensures an accurate measure of a filled up petrol tank and fuel consumption regardless its model.

Fuel consumption system aims to solve the following tasks:

Fuel draining – any unauthorized fuel draining or non-normative fuel consumption get noticeable at once

Vehicle positioning – embedded sensor enables to monitor vehicle`s routs and speed thereby unauthorized journeys, stops, aggressive driving, speed limits violations are easy to identify.

Financial control – goes under oil card system. Instead of cash, drivers get special oil cards earmarked only for refueling payments at proven petrol stations.

"No fuel draining"

prevents any fuel draining from a tank  and odometer cheats

“No any private agenda”

sensors reveal cases of vehicle usage for private purpose.

“No traffic tickets”

“wasteful”, often dangerous driving and speed limits violation are from now on evident.

“No unauthorized driving”

unauthorized driving and  services for competitors are easy to monitor  once you  implement system

  • High level of reliability – a system of  low maintenance, that doesn’t fail under rough working conditions.  Suitable for any climatic service conditions.
  • Extended warranty period.
  • Extra options: vehicle positioning,    oil card system implementation, etc.
  • Anti-fraud system –   simple and efficient solutions prevents any frauds and sensor tricks unless  But “sensor damages” never come occasionally.
  • Affordable price – fuel consumption system pays off in about 1-2  months  since being installed.  Our achievement – reduction of fuel and lubricants costs by 45 %
  • Regardless you use a personal computer or smartphone – software is available on a  website and  requires minimum to start functioning;  now you go on using  the app to see all the performances on your smartphone with any OS.  A free application is designed for small screens and  easily installed  on your smartphone.
  • Minimal personnel training – our company trains for free  and already in several hours  any  employee can handle all program
  • Internet access –  connection speed is out of matter, the main is to have it steady.
  • Sensors quantity on vehicles is defined by measured parameters.
  • Companies with expenses on  own or rental fleet park;
  • Public transport companies (commuter service, long-distance  transport service, international  transport service);
  • Delivery services, courier companies;
  • Organizations with company vehicles;
  • Vehicle companies;
  • Public utility services;
  • Construction companies operating construction machinery.

Extra bonuses

we are ready to offer you:

Free trial period  up to 2 weeks to  estimate efficiency and necessity of fuel control system


Free personnel training  – our specialists explain all peculiarities to operate the  software

Individual allowances

individual discounts for customers and flexible allowances system for new business partners

Free Software setup

software configuration at our expense

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