Control systems for vehicles passage and parking

The philosophy is quite simple: a vehicle is attached with a track tag – RFID tag varied in shapes.

RFID tags for external fixation

RFID labels on a windscreen

RFID cards

RFID reader and antennas are  installed near a security station. At a customer`s choice the system may operate independently or administrated by  Software.  This can be also integrated to an existing PACS. 

Read distance of RFID is settled by an operator and may come to 17-18 meters.

If and as required a vehicle can be registered when being  well short of or right at the security station.  When a tag is in a read zone, the system verifies it based on “Friend\Foe” principle, than access permission (also time, a week day).  After verifying  the system lifts a boom gate or others.

Our tags may be applied not only in systems of parkings or private territories, but into various monitoring systems and toll roads payments.

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