How do you benefit from tyre status monitoring?

Pressure control systems – PressurePro
Every business seeks to profit growth.
Profit is a final financial result of a business activity and defined as difference between costs and profits. Logically concluded: decrease in costs will lead to increase in profit.
Tyre business – is a third in size item on a budget of any business.

In most cases tyres do not reach the end of their service life. False operation   leads to a fast wear, increased fuel consumption and  risks of accidents.

The market is full with various solutions for temperature and pressure control in tyres.  Control over these  parameters allows to detect damaged tyres on time and to prevent  their early wear.   The pressure and temperature control system reduces packaged expenses on fleet park.

PressurePro system keeps an optimal balance between price and quality, and is easy to install and to use.  A monitor in a  driver cab  displays information about each tyre with a sensor in real time.

What do we offer

PressurePro  is  temperature and pressure control system, that ensures   costs – cutting on tyres` maintenance  by 45%

Geoservice company has integrated temperature  pressure readings into WialonHosting  monitoring system.  Readings are reflected in real time in a screen pop assigned to each monitored object.

However, such an analytics  may confuse.  That’s why our team has developed a convenient service to monitor and analyze tyres` temperature and pressure for all fleet park.

TyreAdmin consists of 3 tab pages.  Tab “Monitoring”  presents a kind of screen and  displays tyre status for  each tyre centerline in a graph form.   Problematic or weak points are highlighted. Also it is possible to arrange transport by sensor state.

Tab “Analytics”   displays  temperature and pressure states for each tyre in details.  Settled parameters allow to highlight  lines with tyre states. Out of tolerance Indicators  are marked in red,  slight changes are marked in yellow,  lines with indicators within tolerable limits are in green.  The system reflects statues of paired wheels   in percentage relative to each other.

Dashboard consists of two pie charts.  The first one shows tyre status in percentage for the whole fleet park.  The second reflects health of mounted sensors in a fleet park.

A complex solution was introduced  at one of  extracting companies with quarry machines.  Half year later we achieved following results:

  1. Tyre life increased by 40%
  2. Average fuel consumption reduced up to 10%
  3. Maintainability factors went up

Thus the customer reduced fleet park maintenance costs by 45%

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