Vehicle Monitoring and Fuel Сonsumption Systems

GLONASSGPS Real-Time monitoring is an on-target tool to increase performance, owing any fleet size and scale

Own vehicle monitoring system

Geoservice24 is an advanced system developed by one of the leading companies, expertise in satellite monitoring, analyses and feet management.

  • you no longer need any external services  or applications.
  • you get exactly what you need as per tariff
  • steadfast support  for all our clients

GPSGLONASS satellite monitoring , fleet management system allows:

to optimize logistics network.
control over speed enforcement and cargo delivery.
to reduce expenses on cell communication between drivers and operators
to track vehicles and to arrange routs at your own
to decrease accident risks and to increase drivers safety
to improve personnel discipline in overall
to reduce costs on fleet operations and maintenance: according to Geolead actual savings reaches up to 45 % once under active GPS and GLONASS satellite monitoring
to minimize carjacking risks and pilferage risks due to constant control over vehicle position and absence of “blind” no – signal areas.
to monitor speed limits that are kept by each driver and control cargo delivery; the system also allows to reduce vehicles` downtime, unauthorized journeys, illegal parking, rout deviation, false mileage on a bill, fraud by fuel cheques.


Simple and friendly software

easy and intuitive interface is understandable for naive users.


you have after- sales service of the whole equipment in due

Trial period

you may try out for free  and see whether  it suites your company or not

Minimal carjacking risks

also cargo  pilferage risks  due to constant control over vehicle location  and absence of “blind” no – signal areas

Minimal vehicle`s downtime and unauthorized journeys

you reduce vehicle`s downtime significantly , rout deviations, to discipline drivers

Costs reduction

you save on mobile сcommunications  between drivers and operators.

How does the system function?

You get a special monitoring module installed to control vehicle location in real time. A driver may not be aware of an onboard module as it is too small and barely visible. All sets are sealed and thus any unauthorized tampering will be revealed: all seals are disturbed.
Geolead mounts sensors of high accuracy, which are not affected by bad working conditions or weather environment.

A vehicle is tracked with GLONASS or GPS: a sensor receives a signal from a satellite and in this way positions itself (vehicle positioning comes due to a satellite signal when received by a sensor; than a signal is transmitted to a server and from a server to a user`s computer to be reviewed in a convenient format)

Operator may use any device with Internet access to review data: computer, tablet, notebook, smartphone with any OS. All data are presented in a form of reports and tracks to ensure entire understanding by any users. Depending on system configuration operator sees vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, speed, etc. Being stored on a server data are available for 400 days.

  • Simple and understandable software for GLAONASS \ GPS satellite monitoring with  easy and intuitive interface for any naïve user.
  • Aftersales service in due time
  • Constant technical support
  • Free training to use software and  users` certification.
  • Fortnight trial period for you to try the program for free and understand whether it suites you or not
  • Software installation at our expense
  • More system use cases   by onboard installations of new  modules:  fuel consumptions sensors and others..
  • Possibility to reduce expenses on transport by 45%

We provide a high level of service  regardless your fleet park size:   large and medium - sized  vehicle companies, development companies, taxi companies  and etc.  If you are interested in our offer -   make a call now and our consultant will  respond in details to your questions  and tell  business terms and conditions.

Once having vehicle monitor system  implemented, soon  after you get  fleet efficiency and quality increased. The  analyses and statistics have proved  the next performances:

  • reduction of vehicle mileage by 10-40%
  • reduction of maintenance anв service costs by 40-45%
  • personnel  efficiency  increases by 30%
  • fuel costs  reduces  by 10-40%
  • carjacking risks decreases by 50% or more

A payback period takes six months not longer than a year.  As a rule a payback period fully depends on fleet park size of a company.